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History, Mission, Organization

gillesFounded in 1972 in Bayside New York, the Tourette Association of America is the only national voluntary non-profit membership organization in this field.  Our mission is to identify the cause of, find the cure for and control the effects of Tourette Syndrome.  We offer resources and referrals to help people and their families cope with the problems that occur with TS.  We raise public awareness and counter media stereotypes about TS.  Our membership includes individuals, families, relatives, and medical and allied professionals working in the field. (Click here for an article about the History of Tourette Syndrome).

Program development, education and medical programs, government outreach, adherence to the Tourette Association of America's mission, maximizing efforts, minimizing expenses, TeamTourette events, awareness month, publications, chapter relations, research grants, scientific and medical conferences, are ongoing efforts of the Tourette Association of America's full-time professional staff. Volunteers of extraordinary dedication and professional merit serve on the Tourette Association of America's Board of Directors, Medical Advisory Board(MAB), and Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).
Links: Organization and Finances, Conferences.

Our Programs

TSA Sci Sympos• Medical & Treatment/Science & Research - The Tourette Association of America  funds research that will ultimately find the cause of and cure for TS and, at the same time, lead to improved medications and treatments.  The goal for our research program is to support investigators from all areas of science who can contribute to the understanding of the genetics, pathogenesis, pathophysiology and the treatment of TS. Many of our publications and videos are directed at furthering the understanding and treatment of TS by the medical community.  The Tourette Association of America's Medical Advisory Board has developed Practice Parameters for physicians in treating Tourette Syndrome.  In partnership with the CDC, the Tourette Association of America is conducting a series of Medical seminars around the U.S., and has developed medical education videos and materials on this website. Links:  Diagnosis & Treatment  Medical & Scientific Research

Education, Education Advocacy - The Tourette Association of America provides essential TS information to educators and families to optimize teaching and learning, and tries to end stigma and promote acceptance regarding TS in school settings. Through an ongoing partnership with the U.S. Centers for Disease and Control (CDC), the Tourette Association of America conducts seminars for Educators and Allied professionals to advance their understanding, and enable them to address and manage symptoms of Tourette Syndrome in the education environment. The Tourette Association of America's Education Advocacy program give families and advocates the tools they need when pursuing the best program options and services for children. Our Bullying Prevention resources section gives vital information to parents and educators trying to understand and deal with Bullying. Links: Education, Bullying Prevention.

Resources for Adults, Parents, Youth - Online Newly Diagnosed materials including video with Dr. John Walkup; Education Advocacy; Anti-Bullying; Education webinars/audio&slideshow presentations. Adults with TS materials include many free articles, 'Family Portraits' of adults with TS, Self-Esteem video. Youth resources include free newsletter "That Darn Tic", "Victories", "Youth Ambassador" program. Links: Newly Diagnosed, Living with TS (Adults), Youth

Newsletters, Publications & Videos - Our Quarterly Newsletter and our Children's Newsletter "That Darn Tic" contain the latest updates of medical, scientific information and news of interest to all in the TS community. (Note--a Young Adult newsletter has been discontinued).  The Tourette Association of America develops and disseminates videos and publications for medical professionals, educators, and families online, in our online store for a nominal charge, and Free on request.  Links: Newsletters Publications & Videos main page, online store, CDC Partnership free resources.

The Tourette Association of America in your Community

tsa_communThe Tourette Association of America has grown into a major national health-related organization with more than 30 U. S. Chapters and 125 support groups. The Chapters hold educational conferences, family meetings, picnics and outings, fund raising events and support groups in their states/areas. Look for a chapter in your area. They'll help you find a support group and other local resouces.  Links:   U. S. Chapter & Support Group Locator, Chapter Resource Center(for Chapter Volunteers)

In addition to seminars and conferences, the Tourette Association of America conducts many activities for families through its chapters, and many events to raise awareness of TS by the general public, as well as to raise funds to further our mission. Golf, Dinner Dances & "Team Tourette" Athletic events (marathons, bicycle races and much more) offer opportunities to get involved and have fun for a worthy cause. Links: Join/Donate/Participate  Team Tourette

We have a comprehensive list of International Contacts who have volunteered their time to provide information
about resources in their countries. Links:  International Contacts

Information and Referral

tsaInforeferNational the Tourette Association of America has 2 full-time Information and Referral Coordinators with professional backgrounds in social work, psychology, education or related disciplines who answer email and telephone inquiries. We get requests for referrals to physicians or therapists (the Tourette Association of America maintains lists by state for Physicians and Allied Professionals as well as legal resources and various camps and schools). There are questions about Education-related issues (e.g. from teachers for pointers in the classroom, or from parents about teachers' handling of symptoms in the classroom). Parents may be seeking options to better educate school personnel. Other requests for assistance are those seeking information about symptoms of TS and co-occurring disorders, treatment options, Social Security and Disability, ADA, and TS resources. Telephone 718-224-2999 or email us. Link: Email the Tourette Association of America

Conference & Meetings

TSA Sci SympThe Tourette Association of America's Biennial National Conference for our members and their families provides seminars, information and interaction with Medical and Allied professionals, Chapter and National Tourette Association of America leadership; Scientific Symposia bringing together acknowledged experts in the field to share their expertise; presentations to Educators in many communities across the U.S. to aid in their understanding and strategies to benefit students with TS; presentations to Medical professionals to correctly diagnose and properly treat the patient with TS.  Link: Tourette Association of America Conferences.

Public Policy/Grassroots

TSA 2010 Trip to HillPublic Policy activities of the Tourette Association of America are designed to educate lawmakers and the public about the impact of legislation, regulatory actions, and government policy on the health and well being of people with Tourette Syndrome. A crucial part of the effort is the network of the Tourette Association of America's chapter members who receive updates from the Tourette Association of America's Public Policy Office and communicate directly with their elected officials. The Tourette Association of America monitors issues and voices views on special education, health insurance, funding of health research, and prevention of genetic discrimination. The Tourette Association of America's annual Trip to the Hill features Tourette Association of America members raising awareness in Washington D.C. Link: Public Policy.

Donate/Participate TeamTSACincinnati

Join the Tourette Association of America, come to a dinner dance or golf outing, donate time or expertise to a local chapter, donate to the Tourette Association of America, join our Grandparents Club, run a marathon or ride in a bike race with TeamTourette. There are many ways to help. Link: Join/Donate/Participate

Tourette Association of America's Ads Raise Awareness

TSA ad Tourette Association of America's media ads (PSAs or Public Service Announcements) help to raise awareness, aid understanding, and combat stereotypes about people with Tourette Syndrome. Link: Tourette Association of America Ads

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